#191 HARUNOBU (w c 1789-1801)
2 Young Lovers
Chuban. Very good. Minimal soiling

#400 SHUNCHO (w c 1780-1795)
11th Month
Erotic Prints for the Twelve Months (Koshoku zue juniko)
c. 1788
Oban. Very good impression and colors

#18 attr to Kuniyoshi (1797-1861)
Two Lovers
Series: Title Unread
Very good impression, colors and condition. . Deluxe printing with some metallic pigments. Koban

141 attr to EISEN (1790-1848)
Couple With Shunga Scroll
Oban. C 1838
Some light soiling

#088 attr to Shuncho (active 1780 - 1795)
C late 18th cent

Oban. Very good impression, quite good colors. Centerfold (as usual) and backed.


attr to Oei (aka Oi also Aei) (worked c mid 19th cent)
Two Lovers
c 1830s -40s

Oei was a daughter of Hokusai and worked somewhat in the manner of Hokusai.
This print has also been attributed to be a collaboration between Oei and Eisen.
Her prints are rare.

Oban. Very good impression, colors and condition. Slightly trimmed? Centerfold as usual.


SHUNCHO ( w late 1770s- late 1780s)
2 Lovers
Series: Imayo irokumi-no-iro
c mid 1780s
Considered one of Shunchos best shunga series.

Oban. Very good impression and colors. Light centerfold and minimal soiling


#91 EIRI (w c 1789-1801)
Series: Models of Calligraphy
Oban. Centerfold, soiling, repairs

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