#105EIRI (w c 1789-1801)
Series: Models of Calligraphy)
Oban. Centerfold, soiling, repairs

#550 Torii KIYONOBU (c 1664-1729)
Fine impression with hand painted colors in genital areas. Centerfold
Oban yoko-e
c 1700

#129 attr to Kuniyoshi (1798-1861)
Two Lovers
Series: 12 Scenes
Excellent deluxe colors with metalic pigments. Some slight soiling. Koban size

#2107 attr to KORYUSAI (w c mid 1760s-80s)
Bathhouse Scene
Series: 12 Hours on the Way of Sensuality
c 1773-75
Good impression. Centerfold and some slight trimming.

#108 EIRI (w c 1789-1801)
Series: Models of Calligraphy
Oban. Centerfold, soiling, repairs

#8043 Koryusai (w c 1850-80)
Erotic Scene
Shikido toreikuni juniban (12 Holds of Eros)
c 1775-77
Good impression and colors. Earliest edition with uncolored genitalia (for later version see
"Japanese Erotic Fantisies pl 27) Large oban size.


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