HIROSHIGE (1797-1858)

Seven Gods of Good Fortune on Their Treasure Ship
Signed: Hiroshige fude
Publisher: Sanoki
circa mid 1840s
kakemono-e (vertical diptych)

This New Year’s talisman print includes several auspicious longevity symbols: the sun, the crane, and the minogame (raincoat) turtle. 

These kakemono (vertical scroll) prints. and other prints featuring the seven lucky gods, were generally designed to be new years gifts.

The invention of the seven gods of good fortune has been attributed to the courtier, Dai Oi no Kami, in 1624 as a means of explaining a dream of the 3rd Tokugawa shogun, Iyemitsu.  Putting an image of the 7 Gods in their treasure ship under your pillow the 2nd day after New Years would bring a lucky dream (a sign of a good year).


Good impression and colors. Light toning and some slight rubbing. Sheets joined


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