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In the late 19th century the Western world 'discovered' Ukiyo-e, a bright and lively style of Japanese art that soon became immensely popular in Europe and the Americas. Just as the west was falling in love with these beautiful prints, traditional woodblock print-making in Japan was suffering a decline. In 1915, Japanese art expert Arthur Davison Ficke declared the art of Ukiyo-e 'completely dead'. "It is idle to hope that real vitality will ever return to animate this lost art."

However much this might have been true in 1915, within a decade of Ficke's prediction high quality woodblock printing was reintroduced by artists including Yoshida, Shinsui, Koson, Hasui, Goyo, and Kotondo. This generation incorporated a somewhat-Western style with traditional Japanese techniques, giving birth to the Shin Hanga, or "new prints". Shin Hanga artists returned to the same subjects that had moved the great Ukiyo-e pioneers such as Hiroshige, Hokusai and Utamaro: landscapes, beautiful women and nature studies.

One of the defining, and finest, features of Shin Hanga is the highly refined printing techniques used, and Hiroshi Yoshida, in particular, built upon and improved the older techniques. Using dozens upon dozens of wood blocks, he created incredible subtleties of shadings and printing such as has not been seen before or since.

All prints oban size (approx 10" X 16") unless otherwise noted. Oversized prints will be subject to an additional shipping charge, otherwise see conditions of sales.

Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950)

Fuji at Sunrise (Fujiyama - 1st light of the Sun - Sunrise) - 1926
In pencil: 'Fujiyama Early Morning' + artist's signature
Publisher: "Jizuri" (Self printed)
Double oban. Very good impression and colors with jizuri (self printed) seal.




Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950)
108. Tokugawa Peony Garden (Tokugawa Peony Garden at Ochiai) 1928
Publisher: "Jizuri" (Self printed)
In pencil: Tokugawa Peony Garden + artist's signature
Very good condition. . Printed on silk.



Koson (1877-1945)
80. Geese in Flight
Signed: Shoson
c 1920s
Very good impression, colors, and condition




Torii Kotondo (1900-1976)
6. Yoro no Ume (Japanese Plum Tree in the Night) 1934
Very good impression and colors. 2 wormholes otherwise generally very good condition. First edition: Number 3 out of edition of 72



Kawase Hasui (1833-1957)
8. Fuji in Fine Weather (Fuji, Clearing after a Snowfall in Oshiono - 1952)
Signed: Hasui; Sealed: Kawafe
Publisher: Watanabe (1st edition - seal: a)
Dai-oban (c19 1/2" X 14 3/8"). Very good impression, colors and condition.




Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950)
225. Glimpse of Ueno Park - 1937
In pencil: Glimpse of Ueno Park + artist's signature
Publisher: "Jizuri" (Self printed)
Good impression and colors with jizuri (self printed) seal.



Toshi Yoshida (1911-1995)
37. White Wall
Signed in pencil: 'White Wall' + artist's signature
Jikoku (self-carved)
c 1960s
Very good impression and colors.

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