KORYUSAI (w. 1760s-80s)

Two Cranes
Signed: Koryusai ga
circa 1770s

An unusual print because it shows two different species of crane: red-crowned and white-naped. In the background is a plum tree, a symbol of spring, which is often combined with symbols of longevity.

Koryusai was the first (and one of the very few) artists to have had a samurai status and then become a print artist.. At first, he followed Harunobu stylistically; he then carved out a niche out for himself by specializing in pillar prints and being one of the first artists to use full-sized oban sheets. He was also the first artist to do nature subjects in any quantity (until the 19th century), and many of them are exquisite.

Generally very good impression, colors and condition. A few small repairs. Chuban



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