HIROSHIGE (1797-1858)

Kintai (Brocade) Bridge at Iwakuni in Suo Province
Signed: Hiroshige ga
Series: Views of the 60 Odd Provinces
Publisher: Koshihei
c 1856

Very good impression and colors. Slight centerfold

Kintai Bridge (Kintai means brocade sash) was constructed by the Lord of Iwakuni in 1673.  It's graceful wooden arches span the Nishiki River at the town of Iwakuni.  Also sometimes known as the Drum Bridge, it was one of Japan's 3 most remarkable bridges, but was washed away by flooding from typhoon Kijia in 1950.  It was rebuilt in 1953.  A tourist destination in Hiroshige's day, it is still popular with tourists and is now part of scenic Kikkou Park.


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