HIROSHIGE (1797-1858)

Ishiyama Temple, Lake Biwa, Omi Province
Signed: Hiroshige ga
Series: Views of the 60 Odd Provinces
Publisher: Koshihei
c 1853

Very good impression and colors. Clouds around moon are blown on, and the mountain at left has the overprinted color block (Ommitted later editions). Slight centerfold and crease


The moon shines down on the Seta River, as it flows under the Seta Bridge and upward toward Lake Biwa.  In the foreground tea houses marking the entrance to the grounds of Ishiyama Temple line the western bank of the river.  Ishihyama Temple, unseen in the hills, is a Shingon (Buddhist) temple founded in 749, thought to be where Murasaki Shikibu first began writing The Tales of Genji.  Mount Mikami, nicknamed Omi Fuji, rises in the distance at the far right.

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