YOSHITOSHI (1839-92)

Urashima Taro Returning Home From the Palace of the Dragon King
Signed: Yoshitoshi
Series: Yoshitoshi manga
Publisher: Koboyashi
Block Carver: Horika Noguchi Enkatsu
circa 1886
On Loan From:  Stuart Jackson Gallery 108a Cumberland Street, Toronto

Urashima Taro was a fisherman who one day rescued a turtle.  In some versions that turtle turned out to be the messenger of Otohime, the daughter of Ryugujo, the Dragon King. Otohime invited him to live with her in her father’s palace under the sea. After three years, he asked to visit his parents; she gave him a gift—a box—but told him never to open it.

In this diptych the turtle is taking Urashima home to visit his parents. He has the box slung over his back. When he arrived, he found out that the three years had really been three centuries.

Oban Diptych. Very good impression and colors. A small smudge of minor dirt but generally very good condition


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